Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Those are NOT MY PANTS.

Okay, here goes:

1) I have been incredibly negligent towards my blog BUT I had an amazingly huge economics paper due yesterday so the last week was spent adding finishing touches to it. I apologise profusely. Must try harder, will try harder. Be patient and you will be rewarded. Whatever.

2) This is absolutely not a fashion-forward post and those are absolutely not my pyjama pants. Not that they're beneath me but they just aren't mine. As it happens, I don't wear pants to bed, I'm naturally hot (temperaturely (*sic alert*) speaking).

3) Now I shall vent.

I was in the supermarket today. I bought Maldon sea salt (because I'm irritating), celery, carrots, shallots and white wine vinegar. Why is this important? It's not. I'll continue. It was 5pm and suddenly I saw her. Who? My nemesis, that's who! Except, I never laid eyes on her before so surely I didn't just decide to hate her on sight? Oh but I did. Have you ever heard that expression about not having a second chance to make a good first impression? Of course you have. Sorry, I'm incoherent with rage. This girl, at 5pm, was moping around the aisles of the supermarket WEARING PYJAMA PANTS (similar to the pair you see above). AT 5PM! Yes, I am screaming. Infuriatingly, she didn't care. I am 100% supportive of individuality, wear whatever you like. How boring would the world be if we all alike? HOWEVER, don't tell me you can't take 2 minutes to throw on a pair of actual pants. Jeans, harems, shorts, a dress, a skirt, even track pants if you must. Can you tell this is a major bugbear of mine? Sorry for ranting, I really am. I promise that normal service will resume momentarily but really, pyjamas in public at 5pm? You look stupid. And if you must wear your pjs at 5pm (why?), at least look a little ashamed.


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