Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thank you for reading.

Congratulations are in order. Direct them my way please. Why? I had an economics exam today and I think I did pretty well. Oh screw modesty, I blew that paper OUT OF THE WATER! The real point here is that I’m now 100% dedicated to becoming a worldwide internet sensation (you bet I am!) , today is definitely YOUR day. I jest, of course. My commitment to the cause might wane somewhat once September rolls round but until then I’m all yours, whoever you are. Speaking of YOU, I see some of you lucky individuals have stumbled across my work in progress. Thank you so much for stopping by but I implore you to keep your standards and expectations low, it will definitely work out better that way for both of us! But seriously, thanks a million, and please come back!

When I wasn’t taking a step closer to becoming the J.M. Keynes of my generation, I was rummaging through the rails of my recently reopened army surplus store. Firstly, I should tell you that I love stripes and I struggle to agree with all that nonsense about horizontal stripes being unflattering. Ill-fitting clothes are unflattering. A striped top, when it’s not two sizes too small, is among the most flatteringly elegant items of clothing you can own, in my opinion. This gem that I picked up in the army surplus store is a size 46. It would probably be loose-fitting on a smallish giant but never mind that. The assistant told me it was an original, genuine, Russian sailor’s top. How could I say no? The only strange thing is that the tag is stitched on the outside of the garment. If my camera wasn’t awful and if my photography skills weren’t equally as bad, you could see this better but I think you’ll get the gist, being clever and all that!

I also ordered a pair of House of Holland’s suspender tights. Not sure how I’m going to wear them yet but I like how Daisy Lowe paired black stockings with a floral tea dress at Coachella. Come to think of it, have I ever seen a bad picture of Daisy Lowe? I’m pretty sure I have not. Go Daisy!

Two days away from the UK general election. I could not be more excited. Should I do fashion and politics special, I wonder? That surely hasn’t been done as of yet. No need to roll your eyes , I’ll roll mine and save you the trouble! I’m off to drink hot chocolate in the hope that I’ll suddenly become original.

***Apologies for the shoddy camera work and the poorly designed layout. I hope to improve with time*** *WAVING MANIACALLY*

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