Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shoe Love and Top Shopping

I love Nicholas Kirkwood. I’m tempted to leave it at that but because I’ve never knowingly used one word where 100 will do, I won’t. This luminous green heel from his S/S10 collection is just magnificent. I love his trademark structural design, so combine that with a vibrant splash of lurid(ish) green and you’re in the company of MY DREAM SHOES. Unfortunately, MY DREAM SHOES have yet to be introduced to THEIR DREAM FEET. Let’s hope this happens soon because I have a feeling they might be soul mates. (SOLE MATES!!àI can’t stop!)

In other news, today I went for a walk. It led me to my nearest outlet of Topshop. Bad news: I took absolutely NO money or cards with me on this walk. Great news: Topshop are running a fabulous sale. The reduced stock is on par with the current collection. Imagine, sale items that you’d actually want to buy, amazing! Get thyselves (?) there.


  1. this shoes are amaaaaaziiiiing!!!!!!!!

  2. I love these; they were the brightest spot in my dashboard :)