Saturday, May 8, 2010

100% Cringe Proof

I feel as though it's my civic duty as a reasonably decent human being to introduce you to my latest boisson de choix: Spanish hot chocolate. Summer is fast approaching, at least in name, so this post might strike you as vastly irrelevant. However, ask yourself this: would you still ask for ice in your G&T at the Christmas party? Probably. No, I don't understand either, don't worry!

Hot chocolate has never caused me to give away a Missoni scarf just because some stranger uttered those irresistible three little words: "love your scarf". Hot chocolate has never caused me to dive into the Mediterranean wearing a brand new leather jacket and subsequently fall in the sand wearing said jacket. Hot chocolate has never caused me to answer the question: "which politician would you like to (I can't even type it, you know!)...?" with the words: "oh DEFINITELY George Osborne". By all accounts, I was emphatically sure. I cannot say the same for Corona, Gin, Frozen Daiquiris, Blue Cocktails, Champagne or White Wine which is why I'm extolling the virtues of hot chocolate.


  1. chocolate is fab, one of the best thing in the world actually.
    you may not have the hot one in summer, but you can have a cold one! pure heaven!
    there are quite a few new bars nowadays with 'summer' fillings such as coconut or mint.

    yeah....I am addicted!


  2. ahahahahah! you are great!

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