Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Q: Do I suck at blogging? A: Yes, like a professional.

Look at this! One month since my last blog entry and I stroll in acting like I've never been away. If I don't mention it, maybe nobody will notice. I'm quite sure they won't. Still, being a guilty Catholic, I need to offer my excuses before I try and worm my way back into your affections. Here goes:

1. I hope and pray that I'm moving to Madrid in a year so I've been immersing myself in all things Spanish over the past few weeks: the language, the food, the wine, the people, Spanish Euro-News, Rafa Nadal (in my dreams, and trust me, they're not suitable for this blog).

2. The world cup (El Mundial--that's world cup in Spanish, don't you know!) is on, and I have a HUGE love for football. I love fashion. If I had unlimited funds, I would need a separate apartment block for all the clothes, shoes, accessories I would buy. However, I love football more. Argentina or Spain to win, please.

3. The weather has been unseasonably nice. I know it's summer but that means little or nothing here. It used to rain. ALL. THE. TIME. Thank goodness for global warming, eh? (Here's an exclamation mark just so you know I don't really mean it--->!<---not really).

4. I was in Italy for a week, although, I accept that's no excuse when you consider the gargantuan effort put in by other bloggers, the magnificent www.whatkatiewore.com springs to mind immediately. In my defence, however, I am a complete amateur. I am also positively Banksy-like in my desire to conceal my identity. I'm either someone famous or I just don't like being photographed, take your pick (hint: it's probably not the former).

There it is, that's my apology. Expect normal service to resume in the near future but for the moment, please accept this gratuitous picture of the Paraguayan striker Roque Santa Cruz. Why? Partly, to pay homage to the World Cup but mostly because he is damn fine! Besos x


  1. Ah, all is forgiven. How could I be angry at that face? And those eyes...and those abs...


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  3. Glad you like it! Quite the sight for sore eyes, ha!