Sunday, June 27, 2010

Without rhyme or reason

Three very important things: 1) Light Mexican beer 2) Bottle-opener to open said light Mexican beer 3) Spanish Smoked Paprika.

Shame left the building a long time ago. Like you'll believe me but these babies don't stink half as much as they look like they do. Swear. I'll admit that they're not photogenic though. At all.

My photography skills are officially the worst in the world, look at that glare! Apologies for the utter randomness but it's been that kind of day. Check out a sample of my movie collection. Is it pretentious enough for you? I actually don't think it's pretentious at all but does that make me even more pretentious? Sorry, I can't get over how bad my photography is, and with that I slink away. Have a fantabuloso remainder of the weekend! xx


  1. haha nice! Your blogs pretty cool im following you now :)

  2. Battered Converse are the best, beautiful things ever!